The ‘Learning’ Process

knowledge triangle-01

When I was in my first year, I was, in simple words, confused. I could not figure out a structured path to learn all the subjects that intrigued me. The internet is overloaded with information on all possible fields, and you see, before you, numerous paths that you could follow. How do you choose what to do? To tackle this, I made this ‘Triangle of Knowledge’ which helps me structure distributed things. This ‘triangle of knowledge’ is the wire-frame I follow :

  1.  Pillar 1: Try to excel in one field. If you are unable to figure out such a field, get up early in the morning and write. You can write just about anything concerning your life and what you believe you should do next. Just go ahead and start one of these. What’s the worst that could happen? You’ll not find the subject to your liking, and leave it. No worries, go for the next. Don’t wait for the perfect time. It seldom arrives.
  2.  Pillar 2: Be ‘okayish’ or fair in 2-3 fields. These fields can be anything- ranging from sports and cooking to astronomy and economics. The intersection of these diverse fields just might give you a new product.
  3.  Pillar 3: ‘Rough’ or basic knowledge (what people like to call general knowledge) of as many things as possible. Create a new e-mail ID and subscribe to a lot of diverse blogs like music, healthcare, food, technology and… you get the point.  Go through these emails as per your daily schedule.

Am I confused ?

umm. . .


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